Youth Advocacy Center of Lewis County

Volunteer Opportunities!

  • We are ALWAYS looking for folks who are or enjoy:

A.  Creativity!!  Help us create community activities, assist with Fun-raisers, think outside the box to serve children and families!  We often need some things made, cleaned, repaired or just plain gifted in some way you want to share!

B.  Talking and connecting with community members! -You know who you are.... you can chat a pole cat in the grocery check out line.... you are perfect for Outreach! Sharing our education materials and presentations!  Finding new partners for us to leverage our impact!  This includes seeking donations of new critical comfort items that assist the YAC children and families!

C.  Mad organizational skills - If you enjoy this, we have tasks that help us to keep everything at YAC flowing and manageable while staff keep focused on the work of assisting clients in crisis.  This can range from time assisting with mailings, newsletters, distribution of brochures etc.

D.  Professional Services - Services that would be useful to clients or staff