Education and Prevention

Community Education & Outreach:  To increase awareness of recognition of abuse and increase reporting across Lewis County through.  Appropriate for schools, businesses, neighbors, parents, caregivers..

     1) Darkness to Light - Stewards of Children  (Click button at right for current offerings)
          Evidence based nation-wide prevention program to increase the knowledge and skills of adults

               in the community  to recognize and report abuse as well as put safety nets in place at work,

               youth serving clubs, agencies and more!

      2) ACES - Adverse Childhood Experiences  

               Learn about impacts of toxic stress, neuroscience  of abuse and resiliency needed for a 

               community's capacity to break inter-generational nature of abuse.

      3) Non-Offending Parent Support Groups:  

              To build supports, skills and knowledge of parents and caregivers of child and youth victims. 

                  **Co-facilitated with Human Response Network

      4) Youth Support Groups: 

              Sexual Assault Support groups for high school aged victims 

                  **Co-facilitated with Human Response Network

Investigation & Coordination 

Forensic Interviews by Child Interview Specialists: 

Are specifically trained to talk with children and adolescents. An interviewers job is to guide a child through the disclosure process that is legally sound and defensible in court.  Child Interview Specialists provide interview services for out of county any law enforcement agencies, including FBI or Tribal Police upon request.  

Medical Exams provided by the Sexual Assault Clinic & Child Maltreatment Center of St. Peter Hospital and Providence Behavioral Health Services: 

Specially trained medical staff provide medical evaluations, consultation and advocacy for children and families.  Our second year providing co-located services to reduce client time and travel costs for victims and families.

Multidisciplinary Team: YAC works with Law Enforcement, Prosecutor's Office, Medical experts, Advocacy use coordinated approach to increase rate of successful investigation, prosecution and better client health outcomes.

Case Tracking: Increase education, referral services & outcomes of prevention and intervention services


 Victim Advocacy: ​Meet and support victims through the process including accompaniment through court proceedings, filling out forms such as protection orders, accessing services & support after case is closed

Information and Referral Services: Referral to community resources 

Referral for Therapeutic Services, Information and Resources

Primary Victims: ​Provide referrals for therapy or medical services

For non-offending family members: Provide referrals for therapy 


What We Do....Our Services:

All services will be provided at no cost to child victims and the non-offending family members


Youth Advocacy Center of Lewis County