Youth Advocacy Center of Lewis County

National Statistics show 1 in 10 children will be sexually assaulted by the time they are 18. 

For Lewis County that translates into 1745 children or 30+ school buses!

How many are caught? 

Abel & Becker, (1987) Hanson, Resnick, Saunders, Kilpatrick & Best (1999). Stroud & Martens, (2000), London, Bruck & Ceci, (2005), D2L.org data on prevalence

Community leaders created the YAC as a safe and child focused center for victims to receive services and tell their story once.  YAC provides these services free to all child victims and non-offending family members.  Data has shown better supported victims assist with prosecution and have increased likelihood  to access resources for health and healing.

Advocacy Centers are proven to reduce cost and improve prosecution cases.

How you can help:

Our mission

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Our Locations

Did you know??

Located inside NW Pediatrics in Centralia.  

A child friendly atmosphere

Privacy in a regular kid location

Professional and welcoming staff

We support child and caregivers from point of entry with knowledge, comfort and advocacy supports including resource connections!

Donate: Journals, drawing supplies for teens,  new stuffed animals, funds to help provide supports

Wish List:

New stuffed animals (smallest would be beanie baby size or type)


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To reduce trauma of child victims and promote safety, healing and well-being of child and youth victims of physical or sexual abuse, neglect or violence.  We do this through:

Providing a child-focused, multidisciplinary approach to to support victims and non-offending family members through the investigation, prosecution and healing process.

Providing free services through education, connections to resources and advocacy to caregivers and non-offending family members.

Improving outcomes for survivors through prosecution process and their path of restoring childhood.

Why a YAC and why here?

Historically victims from Lewis County had to travel more than 2 hours for services, and if severe, up to 4 hours when referred to Children's Hospital in Seattle.

Families and children were lost, not connected to local resources or services to help them through the process or heal.

Victims were repeatedly re-traumatized by having to re-tell their stories over to different agencies.